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Presenting rFactor, the racing simulation series from Image Space Incorporated and now Studio 397. After successfully creating over a dozen products in the previous ten years, including the Formula One and NASCAR franchise games for EA Sports, Image Space took the next logical step in creating a completely new technology base and development process. This new isiMotor 2.0 environment became the foundation on which many exciting products were built for years to come.

The newest creation, rFactor 2, creates a dynamic racing environment that for the first time put you the driver into a racing simulator, instead of just a physics simulator. Changing tires, track surfaces, grip, weather and lighting make rFactor 2 a true challenge to any sim racer.

Which rFactor is right for me?

If you're looking for up-to-date visuals, advanced physics, first-party Studio 397-produced content, and licensed vehicles from major manufacturers and racing series, then rFactor 2 is for you. Want access to a massive amount of third-party mods including dirt racing and drag racing, all working on the open rFactor modding platform? rFactor is what you should be looking at.

Both rFactor and rFactor 2 can be found on Steam (an online digital download games library).

Callaway Corvette C7 GT3-R - rFactor 2 GT3 Pack


The 2017 Formula E Visa Vegas eRace had a $1,000,000 prize pool, and used rFactor 2 as their simulator. The event and $200,000 1st-place prize was won by Bono Huis, a five time rFactor Formula Sim Racing Champion.

McLaren's World's Fastest Gamer contest promised a role with the Formula 1 team as one of its official simulator drivers, and they used rFactor 2 for their opening and final rounds. The event and role at McLaren was won by Rudy van Buren, a qualifier from the rFactor 2 opening round.

While sim racing eSports are still an emerging field, it's obvious from the results so far that the rFactor 2 simulation platform gives the flexibility in content and features required. This is the simulator you need to take part in events like those above, or upcoming events organized by Studio 397 in a competitive competition structure now in-development.

Bono Huis (foreground) won the 2017 Formula E Visa Vegas eRace using rFactor 2


rFactor support is handled by ISI. rFactor 2 support is handled by Studio 397. Please try to select the correct address below:

rFactor 2:

Frequently Asked Questions

- Where can I purchase rFactor and rFactor 2?
Both titles are available on Steam.

- Where do I download/install rFactor and rFactor 2?
Both titles are downloaded through the Steam client after you own them there. You need to install their software, select rFactor or rFactor 2 in your library and follow on-screen instructions to install it.

- I already purchased rFactor or rFactor 2 from ISI, can I transfer to Steam?
In most cases, yes. Please complete this form once for each product you need a key for. Your purchase will be manually verified and we'll either send you a key or ask for more information from you as needed.

- I purchased an rFactor DVD, can I transfer to Steam?
It's unlikely. Please email and we will check what version you have.

- I purchased an rFactor DVD and it says 'insert correct DVD'?
Your DVD is being run on a version of Windows it was never designed for. Return it to the store.

- Can I get a refund for my purchase on Steam?
Refunds are handled by Steam, and in accordance with their policy.

- Can the Steam version of rFactor be installed multiple times?
rFactor 2 does not need this. With rFactor, the easiest way to avoid mod conflicts in doing this is to install rFactor to a new Steam library folder, and make a backup of that steamapps/common/rfactor folder. Install your mod(s) and then you can move rFactor folders in and out of that location to activate or deactivate them. However it should be noted that some mods do include unnecessary files that WILL break your installation entirely, forcing you to reinstall. Nothing we can do about that. If you can contact the mod creator and inform them, perhaps they can remove the problematic files.

- I installed a mod and now rFactor says it needs to activate?
The mod replaced Steam files with non-Steam files and broke your installation. You'll have to remove that mod. We no longer even have a non-Steam version.

- How do I install mods?
With rFactor 2, use the Steam workshop where possible and just click subscribe on the item. With rFactor, we use loose files and a manual process where you simply drop the correct files into the correct folder. Most mods have a readme.txt file to help you with that.

- How do I create mods?
With rFactor 2 download and see guides on the Studio 397 Web site. With rFactor, you can download some of the tools here: MAS Tool, AIWCAM Editor, 3DSMax Plugins, Older Tools. A 3D object creator is required along with a painting tool capable of DDS creation.

- Can I paint my cars?
Yes. We use DDS format, which requires the plugin for Photoshop from NVIDIA. Download templates.

- rFactor doesn't detect my wheel?
You may have to manually bind controls for a wheel where they are not detected. Click an action in the settings, do the action with your controller.

- rFactor / rFactor 2 doesn't launch?
Either you have a bad mod (usually rF1 issue only), bad plugin, bad UI (rF1), are out of RAM, or are missing runtimes our software requires in order to run.

With rFactor 2, wherever you installed Steam look at the following paths for the files and install them all: steam/steamapps/common/rfactor 2/_CommonRedist/

- Is the rFactor ISI matchmaker down?
rFactor is now Steam-only. Server listings are available in the Steam client. Hosts need to be using the Steam version for it to show there. IP direct connection is always available, and most leagues use that.

- How do I find the Steam server listings?
Open the Steam software. Go to the VIEW menu, then servers. Filter by game: rFactor.

- How do I launch the Steam dedicated server?
Open the Steam software. Right-click rFactor in your games library list and you will see a dedicated server option.

- Why are Studio 397 developing rFactor 2 instead of ISI?
ISI were beginning to wind down development on rF2 to focus on other projects. Studio 397 was formed to specifically give it back that focus and push it forwards.

- Can I use rFactor or rFactor 2 commercially?
Not without permission or commercial licensing. Contact ISI or Studio 397 to make sure you're operating legally.

- Is rFactor Pro available to retail customers?
No. Never has been. Pro is a controlled product for auto manufacturers, race car engineers and racing teams.

- Can I extract data (standings, telemetry, etc) from rFactor?
Yes. Our Internals Plugin system does this. Download (version 3). Instructions PDF, Plugin example.

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